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McIntyre Family Wines
May 6, 2024 | News & Articles | McIntyre Family Wines

Exciting new for McIntyre and Boekenoogen Family Wines!

From the McIntyre Family:

As with any new season come new beginnings. We are thrilled to announce our new location for McIntyre Family Wines in the Carmel Valley Village! This dynamic location has housed the Boekenoogen family legacy for almost 20 years, as Garrett and Holly have crafted a unique, artisan wine experience to share with others. As the Boekenoogen family has chosen the McIntyre Family as their business successor, we will move our operations to Carmel Valley where both families wine legacy’s continue!

This combined wine offering has been meticulously crafted to entertain our extended family: our customers. For our valued club members and community, you will continue to experience top rated artisan wines from both McIntyre and Boekenoogen families with our friendly and familiar tasting associates. Within a world where smaller businesses are fading, we are blessed to have cultivated a deep-rooted passion for life to share through our wine. We sincerely hope you will join us, the McIntyre family and the Boekenoogen family, in celebrating our shared passions and new beginnings.

Our former Carmel Crossroads location will eventually close. Thank you for continuing to be our patrons and we look forward to serving you at our new location in Carmel Valley Village!

From Garrett and Holly Boekenoogen: 

Dear Boekenoogen Wine Club Members, friends, customers and patrons near and far,

      We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the many, many years of support and love of our wines, it means the world to us. The time has come for us to pass the baton, to make way for a new chapter in the Boekenoogen Wines story. We are excited to announce that McIntyre Family Wines will be the new owners at Boekenoogen Wines Tasting Room location in the Carmel Valley Village! We were very particular in our selection of a small family Winery to carry on our legacy and take great care with our Boekenoogen wines fans. We are sure everyone will quickly become huge fans of McIntyre Wines too! We couldn’t be more excited to have found McIntyre Vineyards!

Steve, Kim, and Kristen McIntyre, exude our beliefs and principles when it comes to producing limited production, high end wines! We couldn’t approve of them more and we feel it is the perfect match for our wines, customers and wine club members! We know that every member and every customer will really enjoy the McIntyre family, just as we do! We can’t say enough good things about this hard-working small family winery from the Santa Lucia Highlands!

For all of the Boekenoogen Wine Club Members and customers alike; nothing will change with your membership or benefits or location to enjoy our wines, you will just have the fantastic addition of McIntyre wines at the Tasting Room and on the patios! Our staff have been integrated into the McIntyre family seamlessly and will continue to be a friendly face serving both of our family’s wines. We feel that the McIntyre family will elevate the Wine Club Member experience! They have so much to offer and are looking so forward to meeting and creating relationships to last, with each and everyone one of you. We are excited for everyone involved, as this marriage between Boekenoogen and McIntyre Wines, will be a great one!

Thank you isn’t enough, cheers to new beginnings and the continued success of Boekenoogen and McIntyre wines.

The Boekenoogen Family


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