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January 11, 2017 | News & Articles | McIntyre Family Wines

Pinot Noir Article

The Great Pinot Noir Bargain Hunt

Tired of spending a lot on Pinot Noir? Tom Hyland offers some handy money-saving tips.
Posted Monday, 09-Jan-2017

One of the truisms in the wine business is that if you want a notable Pinot Noir, you're going to have to pay a fair amount for it. It could be the proverbial arm and a leg for a Grand Cru Burgundy or it might be "only" $75 for a limited release from Oregon or California, but the fact remains that these wines are dearly priced.

But that doesn't mean you have to give up hope on finding value Pinot Noirs. As more countries plant the grape in their cooler regions, there are more alternatives available for lovers of this grape. These wines might not challenge the most renowned Burgundies for complexity and longevity, but there are numerous examples of very good to excellent Pinot Noirs out there, be they from New Zealand, Tasmania, California and yes, even France.

Monterey County has the cool weather and fog necessary for growing Pinot Noir, and there are numerous values; the 2013 Paraiso is an entry-level, drink-tonight Pinot Noir that is a crowd pleaser, while the McIntyre Santa Lucia Highlands offering has a bit more structure for cellaring; it is a delicious, very well made Pinot Noir from this underrated district.


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